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Veterinary Assistant


A Bit About Me

Jacinda started her career in Veterinary Medicine in 2021 at Gulley Park Pets Clinic as a Veterinary Assistant. Prior to GPPC, she joined the U.S. Army in 2017 and served as a Supply Specialist. 

Her favorite part about Gulley Park Pets Clinic is fact that it is not just a clinic, it's a little family. She loves the friendships that she has been able to grow with her teammates and how reliable they are for each other. 

Jacinda loves to spend time in the outdoors with her fiancé, Coty, and son, Zealand. The two are obsessed with their Australian Shepherd, Adalee, and their black cat, Hallow. 

"My passion for animals comes from being able to be an advocate and a voice for them. Animals are so pure and innocent and I love making a difference through that."


-Jacinda Shannon


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