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Here at Gulley Park Pets Clinic, we offer a variety of surgical services. From your routine spays and neuters to more complex procedures such as exploratories, cystotomies, mass removals, cherry eye repair, and many others.


We are fully equipped to handle wound management involving lacerations repairs and follow-up wound care. We always recommend doing pre-anesthetic bloodwork prior to procedures. This is important for your pet so that we can check for any active infections, anemia, clotting issues, and that their liver and kidney functions are in a healthy state to metabolize the anesthesia. There is always a trained professional overseeing six different monitoring parameters to continue to ensure your pet's safety during you pet's anesthetic procedure. Our surgical monitoring team continues their stay with your pet so that they have a friendly face and someone holding their paw while waking up from their surgery. 


Starting with your puppy or kittens first visit with us and continuing all the way through their life, we are here to provide the vaccines needed to keep your pet healthy.


Did you know most pet’s need regular dental cleanings starting as early as 2 years old?


Nutrition is a huge part of keeping your pet healthy!


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