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A very important service that we offer is microchipping.  We have partnered with Home Again to work towards getting as many lost pets back home to their owners. A microchip is not a GPS, but is a small identification chip that shelters and vet clinics scan for when finding a stray pet. Microchipping not only is the best way to find your pet if lost, but also serves as proof of ownership if it is ever called into question.


We emphasize wellness and preventative health care from your furry friend's first visit as a puppy or kitten all the way through their gray-faced senior years. 


Starting with your puppy or kittens first visit with us and continuing all the way through their life, we are here to provide the vaccines needed to keep your pet healthy.


Here at GPPC, we offer a variety of surgical services. From your routine spays and neuters to more complex procedures. 


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