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Surgery & Dentistry Assistant


A Bit About Me

Corbinn started her career in Veterinary Medicine in 2013 in her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas and she joined Gulley Park Pets Clinic in 2019. In her role at GPPC, she is responsible for surgical anesthesia monitoring and community outreach projects in addition to her day-to-day duties. 

Her favorite part about Gulley Park Pets Clinic is the clientele. She describes the culture as a close-knit, laid-back professional clinic where everyone feels welcome. One of her favorite parts about her role is getting to build a relationship with every animal and watch them grow over the years.  

Corbinn and her family love being in the outdoors! Camping and kayaking are a few favorites of theirs. Corbinn has a wonderful son, Pace with her husband Brandon. Together, they have two standard poodles, Queso and Sriracha Mayo! 

"My passion for animals comes from being able to be the voice for the voiceless. Whether that be for a sick or perfectly healthy animal, it us up to us to stand up for them and their needs and that is what brings me joy everyday at work."

-Corbinn Stricklin

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